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About the Club

What We Do

If you love to bass fish but have never fished in a tournament before, you have no idea what you are missing.

Bass Capital BassMasters was started for just this reason. To promote the future of bass fishing and to keep and make sure tournament fishing continues to be a fun and enjoyable sport. Beginning fishermen will enjoy our club for the opportunity to meet other fishermen, learn new lakes and fishing techniques, and gain exposure to
competitive fishing. Experienced anglers enjoy our club for the camaraderie and the chance to share what they know with other fishermen. 


Who We Are

Bass Capital BassMasters is associated with the Florida Bass Federation and Florida B.A.S.S. Nation. As a member of, you are eligible for all of the tournaments and benefits of the Florida Bass Federation, The Bass Federation, FLW (Fishing League Worldwide) and B.A.S.S. Nation. We also serve our community by sponsoring a youth bass fishing club.

In Memory

Our beloved friends and Anglers.

Ed Fry, Jeff Zesiger and Dave Tripp.

Gone Fishing
We've finished life's chores assigned to us, so put us on a boat headed out to sea. 
Please send along our fishing poles         For We've been invited to the fishin' hole, Where every day is a day to fish, To fill our hearts with every wish. Don't worry, or feel sad for us, We are fishing with the Master of the Sea.
We will miss all of you for awhile, but you will come one day and bring your smile. It won't be long you will see, till we're fishing side by side again. To all of those that think of us, Be happy as we go out to sea. If others wonder why we are missin' Just tell 'em
We've gone fishin'

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